Do you cancel tours due to bad weather?

Tours usually run in light rain and minimally poor weather conditions. If we decide the weather conditions are not safe for you and your family, we will cancel the tour. Weather conditions are monitored right up to the departure time and cancellations can be made by One HHI up to one hour prior to departure. If we cancel the tour, you will be given the opportunity to reschedule based on availability or receive a credit towards a future tour. Don’t be too disappointed if your tour departs in less than ideal weather conditions. Our tours taken in light rain often experience the best wildlife and dolphin shows.

Can I get a refund or reschedule my tour after buying tickets?

Please check your reservation as some activities are different. On dolphin tours, parasail and pirate cruises you can make changes up to 24 hours prior to your departure. Because we are guaranteeing your space on the boat, tickets cannot be refunded or rescheduled within 24 hours of your departure. This policy is firm and no exceptions are made, as most of our tours sell out. 

Will I get wet on the tour?

Unless it is raining, you will probably not get wet on any of our boat rentals, dolphin tours or the pirate cruise. Most of our tour boats are fully covered on top but the sides are open. If you experience light rain or wind you may get some sea spray or rain through the sides. If you're taking a tour on a jet ski, kayak, SUP, or Parasail, chances are good you'll get wet, but that's half the point anyway!

How smooth is the ride? Am I likely to get seasick?

On almost all of our actives we stay in the back bays or the sound, in an attempt to avoid the big rolling waves of the open ocean. We have not yet had anyone get seasick on one of our tours in the back bays. 

Can we bring a cooler onboard?

Please feel free to bring a small cooler on the dolphin tours, pirate cruise or rental boats. We never allow glass or large coolers. 

Are your tours safe for pregnant women?

We recommend you consult your doctor to be sure. Our tours are safe, calm and comfortable, and we have no restrictions for pregnant women.

What are the chances we will see dolphins on this tour?

Dolphin sightings are guaranteed on all tours. If you don't see a dolphin on our other trips, you will receive a free ticket for your next adventure. We do not give too many free trips simply because we have so many resident dolphins in Hilton Head, it's unusual not to see them.

Will we be able to feed, pet or touch the dolphins?

One HHI strives to protect wild dolphins. Dolphins are protected by the national marine mammal act; Therefore we do not touch, chase, pursue, harass or feed wild dolphins, it is considered both illegal and inhumane.

Is gratuity included in the price of the tour?

A gratuity for your One HHI Crew is not included in the ticket price. If you had a great time and wish to recognize your crew for a job well done, you are welcome to give a gratuity. All gratuities are shared and appreciated. We are sometimes asked what is appropriate, and while it is entirely up to you, 15 - 20% is most common in the industry.

What should I wear?

We recommend that you consider the weather conditions while preparing for your tour with One HHI. If you are taking an evening tour, you should consider wearing an extra layer or bringing a light jacket, since temperatures drop once the sun goes down. It is also recommended to bring beach attire and water shoes if your tour uses a jet ski, kayak, SUP, Banana Boat or Parasail.